Files from the DL5SAY Collection

The following collection of NEC2 input files as well as some
TCL based viewer applications which are a work in progress
were donated by the XYL of  Hartmut Kreh DL5SAY.

NEC2 input files (*.nec)
(Approx. 115 assorted NEC2 input files that
can be used as-is or modified)

TCL based Viewer Code (GNECX)
(This code is a work in progress that
probably requires further work to really make useful)

Correspondence between Ursel Kreh and Bill Walker W5GFE
(e-mail exchanges between DL5SAY's XYL and Bill Walker.
Provides biographical insite into Hartmut's background as
well as documenting the permission to release his work
to the antenna community)